Get a deeper insight about the food you eat.

Computer Vision

Get to know what you eat with our help.

Nutritional Facts

Get to know the richness of what you eat.


Contribute to making the Vision Model stronger by using it more often.

Open Source

Built Completely on open-source technologies.


This project was developed by Abhishek Bhatt and Syed Faheel Ahmad under the guidance of Dr. Tapan Gandhi during GIPEDI 2018.

Machine Learning

The core of the app is our Deep Learning driven Convolutional Neural Network model. Capable of efficiently classifying 12 Indigenous Food types at the moment

Continuous Improvement

Over time the model keeps improving as more users try out the app.


Just give the app an image and it will tell you what food it is and the nutritional facts about it, for you to decide whether you would really like to eat it or not.